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Google Earth Primer

Google Earth Education Community

Google Earth Livebinder
This is a fantastic resource from Steven Anderson. It includes tutorials, lesson ideas and just about everything else.

Google Earth 101
This is an interactive "self-paced" wiki site that has videos and other resources to help you become a google earth expert. This site was developed by Quentin DSouza.

Google Earth Primer - from: Google Earth Education Community
Everything to get you started with Google Earth in one place. A great site with resources and screenshots.

Making Enhanced Placemarks-Video Tutorial

Google Earth lessons-From gelessons.com

26 Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom
Some great ideas here. Aimed at MS/HS but some ideas that are suitable or easily adaptable to ES

Google Earth Place Marker Template


Discover Channel Earth Tour

Earth Quakes-USGS

Seasons and Daylight-Google Earth Blog

UK Air Pollution Layer
The lesson plan for this Air Pollution lesson using Google Earth can be found HERE

Environmental News Current Events Project

Explore the Oceanwith GE 5

Explore the Moon

Explore the Sky-Google Earth

Human impact on Oceans Layer-from National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)

Volcano Webquest -
Volcano Database

Social Studies

Heritage Sites-Global Heritage
The Global Heritage Fund layer explores the 13 cultural heritage sites that GHF is attempting to preserve for future generations.

American Early Colonies

Natural Resources-Appalachian Voices
Mining and it effects on the earth
Take a geographical trip to the Appalachian Mountains to see the problems caused by mountaintop removal coal mining.

Map Skills-Latitude and Longitude
Use Cntl+L (PC) or CMD+L (mac) to show lines of latitude/longitude in Google Earth

Where are we from?-from gelessons.com

Drake's Circumnavigation

CIA Factbook
Downloadable .KMZ file that allows you to view country data from the CIA factbook in 2D or 3D. Great for basic geography fact finding missions.

Explorers and Trade Routes
Marco Polo



Silk Road


Area and Perimeter-YouTube video
This video's quality is not great but uyou can definitely get an idea for teaching area and perimeter with Google Earth

Real World Math


Google Lit Trips K-5

Geo Greetings - Use Google Earth for your spelling words