Rethinking Literacy Conference-April, 2016 Singapore
* Formative Assessment for Reading and Writing Using Tablets

8th Annual-21st Century Learning Conference-February, 2016-Hong Kong
* Programming-It's Elementary!

1st Annual-China International Schools Conference-October, 2015-Shanghai, China
* Targeted Technology: Ensuring basic skills consistency in dynamic educational settings

The iPad Conference-September, 2014-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
* Programming in Early Childhood

* iPad Driven Formative Assessment

S. East Asia Primary Administrators Conference-May, 2014-Saigon, Vietnam
* SEAPAC-Confer App Workshop

The iPad Summit- November, 2013-New Delhi, India
* iPad Summit Confer App Workshop

* iPad Summit-21st Century Readers and Writers Workshop

Learning 2.013-October, 2013-Singapore
* 21st Century RWW Preconference and 1 hr. Workshop

NWEA Fusion Presentation-June 2013-Portland, Oregon
* 21st Century Formative Assessment

2013 Digital Education Show-May, 2013-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
* Spread the Word: Social media's effect on the diffusion of educational technology

21st Century Learning Conference-2013-Hong Kong
* 21st Century Literacy-infusing iPads into ES literacy instruction

NWEA Fusion Presentations-2012-Portland, Oregon
* Educating Parents Preso

* Testing 1:1 Preso

Learning 2.0 Presentations-2012-Beijing, China
* 21st Century Readers & Writers Workshop

* Learning to Fly: Google Earth in elementary school

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The iPad Conference-September, 2014-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
*Formative Assessment for Reading and Writing Using Tablets